About us

About us

Hello all, we used to work in the Helsinki market square, where we had a grill kiosk and a summer café. Our lease expired at the end of 2020, so it was time to start looking for a new business space, which we found in Herttoniemi, at the shopping centre Hertsi.

In addition to traditional grill kiosk products, we have salads and chicken or pork katsu curry (vegetarian version is available). We also serve grilled pork and Asian-style chicken. We will have a changing home-cooked lunch menu: soups and Finnish and Asian home-cooked food.

Our dessert menu includes, among other options, deep-fried banana, Oreo biscuit and Snickers bar served with soft ice cream. Other servings of soft ice cream are also available.

Whenever possible, we use products from local producers. The taste and the quality of the food is our number one priority.

Welcome to enjoy our foods!

Sami, Phong, Hong ja Erika